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Song: Dandelion
Composer: Ivan Torrent
Vocal: Ivan Torrent
Year: 2014

Lyrics by J. Fernandez & I.Torrent:

Cruising miles offshore
the life seems breakable...
A never ending kiss I need to find
'Cause I'm a fragile soul,
a Dandelion...
To keep me safe,
I need you by my side.

Bring me all your love!!
'Cause you can save my world...
your light is what it feeds the Sun,
and warms the dawn...
You ́re always on my mind

I feel the rain on me
the whispers on the wind...
I only need to think that I'm your kind.
I gotta break the wall,
to reach the skies above,
and fall into your arms to live and die...

Bring me all your love!!
'Cause you can save my world...
Your light is what it feeds the Sun
and warms the dawn
You ́re always on my mind...

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