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Впервые на экранах страны! WATCH IN HD.Carmen is a story of desire, betrayal and death. Set in Andalusia Spain in 1830, a military officer is seduced by a striking gypsy girl who works in a cigarette factory, his love for her only brings his downfall.The free, enigmatic nature of a woman called Carmen , her southern beauty, her passionate, impulsive character turn the sergeant Jose, into the victim of a fatalistic chain of extraordinary events, turbulent loves, uncontrollable passions, jealousy and bloodshed. With each new lover of Carmen ,with each new episode of love, passion and jealousy, Jose takes a step toward marginalization and delinquency.The death time and again stains with blood the hands of Jose until finally ,after shooting the last lover of Carmen ,tries to take her away and start a new life,but his pleas and threats are useless. In vain he humbles himself before Carmen, offering her a prosperous and happy life. The passionate words of love fall in a vacuum and in the most terrible of indifference. And the helplessness and passion once again push the hand of Jose to the naked knife.

Based on Prosper Merimées 1845 novella about jealousy and passion that inspired the famous Opera of the same name by George Bizet

Starring : Paz Vega and Leonardo Sbaraglia. Song: 24 rosas by Diana Navarro

Vivo...,vivo sin vivir en mí
y tan viva yo te espero,que muero porque no muero.
Toma, yo te doy mi corazón,te lo entrego prisionero.
No quiero querer,pero quiero y te quiero...

Veinticuatro rosas heridas de ti...
¡Es tan dulce el amor que te doy...!
Son veinticuatro latidos de más
cuando sé que te vas cruzando el espacio, despacio...
¡Ay, ay amor cómo me picas!
Esos ojos me complican
y me muero sin saber que muero...
Toma, yo te doy mi corazón,te lo entrego prisionero.
No quiero querer,pero quiero y te quiero...
I live,I live without living in myself
and so alive I wait for you,that I die because I dont die.
Here, I give you my heart,I give it to you as a prisoner.
I dont want to love,but I want and I love you

24 roses hurt by you...
It´s so sweet the love that i give you!.
There are 24 heartbeats more
when i know that u go away, slowly crossing the space.
My love, how much you provoke me,
those eyes complicate me
and i die unaware that i die.
Take it, i give you my heart.I give it to u as a prisioner.
I dont want to love,but i want and i love you.

chorus... - отличным качеством и звуком!

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