ред алерт 4

Впервые на экранах страны! C&C 4 Red Alert 4 Yuris Comeback Fan Made Video

Really EA where is Yuri and his forces ?
Why does you fail me this way .
I hope Yuri will be in Part 4 of Red Alert.
Maybe you dont know who he is and what of units for his Faction could be well.

For this Video needed more than 40 Hours .
Everything found just on Youtube ^O°

Hell March 2 Rremix from EA
Videos form Westwood
Killzone Videos „really awesome
JibJab „Here is Obama
Team 17 worms ; Austin Powers Vidoes;
Mars Attack ; Russian Flying Sybmarine Videos ;
Batman Pinguins ; Werbung Saturn T-Rex ;Dr.Evil Sub Unit ; War of The Worlds Walkers
An Film with Putin as Terminator °O^

Yes he died maybe in the end of Soviet Campain but
by the end of Allied campain he is in the Psychic Isolation Chamber , he is alive and his Moon Base isnt destroyed.

Edit 2:
If the world was changed by the end of Yuri's Revenge Allied Campain , so by the end of Soviet Campain Yuri would have released a burst of psygic energy becouse scared in the last second and survived ,than powered up the time machine.

Edit 3:

At Last .If we just Take the Story of the End of RA3 ,Yuri was never killed ore is in prison. - отличным качеством и звуком!

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